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Non-Decisions in Standard Economic Experiments

Non-Decisions in Standard Economic Experiments
Typ:Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit

Dominik Jung 

In standard economic experiments like the ultimatum game or the trust game decision makers have to choose between different options. Non-decisions like waiting, postponing or declining a decision are not not explicitly provided for the decision makers. In the context of your thesis, you will deepen your understanding of the conception and design of standard economic experiments by reviewing the fundamentals and modern concepts of decision making research. And investigate if the issue of missing non-decisions in option sets. Additionally you will present different solutions how non-decisions can be included in the experimental setting of the identified experiments.

Hey p.46-52, chapter „Expected Utility Theory and the Experimentalists – The Allais Paradox“

Formal Requirements: The thesis can be written in english or german. With your application, please enclose a tabular resume and copies of your last grade reports

Contact: Dominik Jung