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Social media, panic detection

Social media, panic detection
Typ:Masterarbeit, Bachelorarbeit

Dr. Anuja Hariharan

A state of panic can lead us to make critical mistakes, since emotions cloud our decision-making and discretion.

During crisis and emergency situations, people tend to share low quality information, with little attention to the consequences of the potential panic the information might create.

This study attempts to research this in the lab, to understand the relationships between Panic, Information Credibility, and sharing.

The student will ideate and create the experiment, and aid in coordinating it and running it in the lab.

In addition, the student will have the opportunity to learn state of the art NeuroIS methods, and to implement the experiment in the KD2 lab.

Good to have:

Interest in Programming, Interest in Behavioral and emotional aspects of decision-making.


Preferably English, but German is most welcome as well.