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Are energy consumption tariffs still up-to-date?

Are energy consumption tariffs still up-to-date?
Typ:Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit

Julian Huber

Electricity related charges, grid fees, and taxes for small consumers are largely based on the amount energy they draw from the grid. Residential prosumers and non-residential consumers with on-site generation target a high degree of self-consumption (i.e., minimizing electricity purchase from the grid) to avoid such charges. Paying a smaller share of the grid fees compared to regular consumers, they can still use the grid as an insurance, when consumption exceeds storage and on-site generation. The rollout of smart meters allows the design of new contracts for the allocation grid fees.. The thesis will develope a framework for the quantitative assessment of grid tariffs. Grid fees can be evaluated in different dimensions (e.g, economic, behavior-economic, and ethical aspects). Based on these criteria an evaluation model for the operationalization of assessment criteria will be designed to illustrate the framework on real world data.

Formale Anforderungen:

Die Arbeit kann auf Deutsch oder Englisch verfasst werden. Interesse an wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fragestellungen wird vorausgesetzt, Kenntnisse zur statistischen Datenanalyse (R, Python, Matlab) sind gerne gesehen, aber nicht zwingend erforderlich.

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