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Digital Experience & Participation

Digitalization as a driving force for collaborative services, and user acceptance requires participatory solutions. For instance, participation platforms enable users to engage with their communities in innovative ways, from participatory budgeting to strategic enterprise decisions. In light of such developments, understanding of user behaviour and mechanism design is crucial. Furthermore, the identification of context-specific decision attributes, e.g. services in the upcoming area of networked mobility, enhance user-centric design of smart services. Such challenges are being addressed by this research group.

The central idea behind this is enabling different mechanisms for the public to express opinions and to support participatory decision-making. Hence, our work constitutes an active contribution to the realization of participation and collaboration services.



Head of Division

Tom Zentek Dr. Tom Zentek
+49 (721) 9654 878

Christopher Lisson PD DR. Jella Pfeiffer
+49 (721) 608 48372

Tim Straub Tim Straub
+49 (721) 9654801

Research Assistants

Christopher Lisson Christopher Lisson
+49 (721) 608 45655
christopher lisson∂kit edu

Claudia Niemeyer Claudia Niemeyer
+49 (721) 608 48383
claudia niemeyer∂kit edu

Thomas Wagenknecht
Thomas Wagenknecht
+49 (30) 7017337 338
wagenknecht∂fzi de
Simon Kloker Simon Kloker
+49 (721) 608 48387
simon kloker∂kit edu

Christian Peukert Christian Peukert
+49 (721) 608 48387

Fields of competence

  • Healthcare
  • Industry 4.0
  • Politics
  • Technology assessment
  • Crowd Intelligence


  • Labor- und Online-Experimente
  • Sentiment Analysen
  • Text Analytics
  • Experteninterviews, Fragebögen
  • pTA/ELSI