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Electronic Markets & User Behavior

The central subject of the research group Electronic Markets & User Behavior is the design an analysis of electronic market platforms and online market places as well as the understanding of its users‘ behavior. As users online do not always decide fully rational, but are prone to the influence of their emotions, one of our approaches is based on the methods of NeuroIS, i.e., the measurement of neurophysiological data such as heart rate, skin conductance, and eye-tracking. We seek to model and understand user behavior and its impact on economic indicators such as prices, liquidity, and efficiency, depending on market mechanism and interface design. Moreover we address how user experience may be improved by adequate decision support systems. In addition, we examine the impact of technological innovations, such as blockchain technology or fintechs on prevalent market structures. In particular, we consider phenomena such as the sharing economy, crowd funding, and other consumer-, retail- and financial markets.


Head of Division

Dr. Verena Dorner Dr. Verena Dorner
+49 (721) 608 48385
verena dorner∂kit edu

Dr. Timm Teubner
Dr. Timm Teubner
+49 (721) 608 48389
timm teubner∂kit edu

Florian Glaser
+49 (721) 608-48373
florian Glaser∂kit edu

Research Assistants

David Dann David Dann
+49 (721) 608 48387

Florian Hawlitschek Florian Hawlitschek
+49 (721) 608 48373
florian hawlitschek∂kit edu

Benedikt Notheisen Benedikt Notheisen
+49 (721) 608 48387
benedikt notheisen∂kit edu

Michael Knierim Michael Knierim
+49 (721) 608 48383 michael.knierim∂kit.edu

Ewa Lux Ewa Lux
+49 (721) 608 48380
ewa lux∂kit edu

Dominik Jung Dominik Jung
+49 (721) 608 48383
dominik jung2∂kit edu


  • e-commerce (Shopping- and booking platforms)
  • micro credits and crowdfunding
  • peer-to-peer- and sharing economy platforms
  • virtual stores and immersive environments
  • serious games
  • financial markets and behavioral finance
  • financial market innovation and blockchain technology


  • econometric methods, e.g. of user data
  • behavioral economic experiments in the lab, the field, and online
  • simulation, prototyping, and testing of market mechanism design and algorithms
  • web crawling and scraping
  • design science for the design, implementation, and evaluation of user interfaces
  • game theoretic models