Information & Market Engineering - Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt


The variety of offered lectures in the undergraduate and graduate programmes is diverse. The compulsory lectures Introduction to Information Engineering and Management for undergraduate students as well as Principles of Information Engineering and Management for graduate students are essential to the programme. By choosing between numerous optional lectures and seminars, students can specialize in different fields.

Current developments in economic theories with regard to information technology are presented in the lectures and further examined in practical oriented case studies. Fundamental aspects that are analysed along the information lifecycle are the function of information, the application and benefit of information and communication technology, as well as information services.

* Examinations are offered in the third recess week after the last day of classes, resit examinations (Nachklausuren) are offered in the seventh week of classes in the following term. Resit examinations can also be counted as major examinations. However, you don’t have the right to repeat an exam in the same term. If a bonus can be acquired in a lecture, it only applies to the examinations of the current term.
* Each examination is a partial examination in the form of a written test of 60 minutes duration. Registration needs to be done via the Prüfungssekretariat (examination office) or online for the Bachelor’s programme in Information Engineering and Management.
* Here you can get some help for properly filling out the seminar certificates (students of Information Engineering and Management / students of Business Engineering). The official seminar certificates from the department of economics you can find here (students of Information Engineering and Management / students of Business Engineering).
* The Special Topics Information Engineering and Management is equivalent to the practical seminar, as it was only offered for the major in “Information Management and Engineering” so far. With this course students majoring in “Business Engineering“ and “Economics Engineering” also have the chance of getting practical experience and enhance their scientific capabilities. To get more information regarding specific topics in the upcoming semester, please visit this website or feel free to contact the responsible seminar instructor.
The Special Topics on Information Engineering and Management can be chosen instead of a regular lecture (see module description ). Please take into account, that this course can only be accounted once per module.
* The approval of a course and its credits for a module still has to be confirmed by the responsible person of the particular seminar. It has to be taken into account whether, overall, the seminar complies with the educational objectives of the module. If you are uncertain about this, please contact the respective module coordinator before you start the module.

Contact for teaching organisation: IM-Lehre∂