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IISM erhält Besuch aus Pretoria
IISM has a visit from Pretoria

From 15 to 16 January 2018, Sotira Petrou from the University of Pretoria visited the IISM... more

Neue Publikation

 Ein Beitrag des IISM ist im Buch „The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Collaborative Consumption“ erschienen...mehr

Neue Publikation

Ein Artikel des IISM zu Konsumententypen auf C2C-Plattformen ist im Journal of Consumer Behavior erschienen...mehr 

SMU Global Summer Programme (GSP) 2018

We would like to invite you students to participate in the SMU Global Summer Programme (GSP) 2018 which will be held from 2 to 27 July 2018 (four weeks). We sincerely hope to deepen our relationship with your university through strengthening student mobility between our universities. One possible avenue to do so would be through our summer programmes...more

KPMG Ideation Challenge “Augmented Reality“

 Crack complex and real business issues through creative Augmented Reality (AR) using Microsoft Hololens technology. To find out more and to register before March 1st to attend the Ideation Workshop, please visit kpmg.com/ideationchallenge...more

Techtag: 2018 IT Trends UX Design and Blockchain

Members of the ISE group comment on Techtag IT trends for the year 2018. Read more

Award for excellent teaching

In the last two semesters, the Weinhardt chair has made it into the faculty’s top 10 best evaluated courses with two exercises and one lecture...more

Der Presserummel um LAMP steigt an
LAMP is gaining media attention

The Landau Microgrid Project (LAMP) is moving along and is currently installing solar panels in the Lazarettgarten. Several newspapers are now reporting about the LAMP progress...more

Studentische Hilfskraft (Data Analytics & Data Visualization)

 Du suchst einen Job, in dem du nicht die Stunden bis zum Feierabend zählst? Zeig uns, was du kannst und arbeite selbstständig an spannenden Projekten. Das FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik sucht ab sofort eine studentische Aushilfskraft in Berlin oder Karlsruhe...more

Wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter(in) für Blockchain und Partizipation Themen-Schwerpunkt: Big Data and Service Science, Cloud Computing und Cloud Services mehr
Wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter(in) für Data Analytics und Data Visualization Themen-Schwerpunkt: Big Data and Service Science, Wissen und Informationsdienste mehr
Gast am IISM
Guest at IISM  Antje Graul from Leeds University Business School visited the IISM from 6 to 10 November...more
DX Network Member Event on Nov 2nd 2017

The members EnBW, schufa, Deutsche Bank and SAP could get an overview on the network's main activities, upcoming events and most importantly get to know each other in an informal atmosphere...more

New publication on the forecasting efficiency of man-machine forecasts presented At the ITAT conference (Information Technologies - Applications and Theory) in Martin, Slovakia from Sept. 22-26th 2017, Mr. Florian Knöll successfully presented an efficiency analysis of combined man-machine forecasts (Link: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1885/ )...
Ausschreibung studentische Hilfskraft: Vorort Betreuung des Landau Microgrid Projekt (LAMP)

 Die Forschungsgruppe Smart Grids & Energy Markets des Instituts für Informationswirtschaft und Marketing (IISM) sucht ab sofort eine studentische Hilfskraft zur Unterstützung des Projektmanagements in unserem aktuellen Forschungsprojekt LAMP zur Implementation von blockchain-basierten Smart Meter Energiedaten von Haushalten mit PV-Anlagen in Baden-Württemberg...

Mittelstand 4.0: Spotlight on a Micro-Project of the IISM The center of competence „Mittelstand 4.0“ presents a successful micro-project from our house. Tom Zentek and Tim Straub report on the long process of digitizing diabetes data transmission in nursing:
Die Prognosebörse des IISM im KIT-Dialog
IISM’s prediction market in the KIT-Dialog magazine The prediction market FAZ.NET-Orakel, a cooperation of the IISM, the FZI, the IW Köln and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, appeared in the Issue 03/2017 of the KIT internal magazine KIT-Dialog...more
Prof. Weinhardt holds keynote on "Artificial Intelligence" in the Minister President's Economic Advisory Board

On September 25th, Prof. Weinhardt held a keynote on the topic "Artificial Intelligence" at Villa Reitzenstein (Stuttgart) as part of the Economic Advisory Board of the Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann...more

New research assistant in the group Smart Grids & Energy Markets

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Bent Richter joined our team on October 10th 2017...more

Prof. Weinhardt explains the use of blockchains in local energy markets

In the context of our LAMP project Prof. Christof Weinhardt explains the use of blockchains as decentralized and secure information and communication technology for local energy markets.nstechnologie für lokale Energiemärkte...more

IISM's prediction market among the most accurate during the Germany Federal Elections 2017

The prediction market FAZ.NET-Orakel, a cooperation of the IISM, FZI, IW Köln and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, demonstrated the potentials of prediction markets during the Germany Federal Elections 2017...more

Implementing Local Energy Markets: Landau Microgrid Project (LAMP) starts in October 2017

The IISM starts the Landau Microgrid Project (LAMP) together with its cooperation partners, the local utility Energy Südwest AG and the energy technology company LO3 Energy...more

Best Paper Award at the 6th D-A-CH+ Conference on Energy Informatics

Our energy group won the best paper award 2017 at the 6th D-A-CH+ Conference on Energy Informatics in Lugano, Switzerland (04.10-06.10.17). Lukas Barth (ITI), Nicole Ludwig (IAI), Philipp Staudt (IISM) and Esther Mengelkamp (IISM) develop and implement a comprehensive modelling framework for demand side flexibility in smart grids...more

PhD course: Eye tracking in Desktop, Natural and Virtual Environments (13 – 15 February 2018 | Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

What other participants say about our course:

“An interesting, insightful and enjoyable course on eye tracking!”

“I like that we got a very good overview of different relevant topics. I also find it very useful to present briefly our projects and received a lot of useful feedback.”...more

Spin IT Off – Event for Doctoral Students in IT

In cooperation with Cyberforum this one-day event is designed to help doctoral students in the field of information technology to explore the business potential of their research work.

The Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM, Prof. Maedche) and the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB, Prof. Oberweis) organize in cooperation with Cyberforum the first Spin IT Off Event for Doctoral Students on December 1st, 2017...more


LAMP Projekt
LAMP project

LAMP is a pilot and research project of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in cooperation with the energy retailer Energie Südwest AG and the hardware and software company LO3 Energy...

WIRED features new IISM research project

The German edition of the popular WIRED magazine featured a new research project, led by IISM’s Prof. Christof Weinhardt and Thomas Wagenknecht...

Auszubildenden-Tag am KIT
Trainees' Day at KIT

The annual KIT Trainees' Day took place on 4 and 5 September, during
which all new trainees can visit selected institutions of KIT in a city

Neue Publikation
Neue Publikation Ein Artikel des IISM zu Bidding Behavior in Dutch Auctions ist im International Journal of Electronic Commerce erschienen... mehr
Ausschreibung Studentische Hilfskraft: Blockchain-basierte Smart Meter Installation (Projektmanagement) Die Forschungsgruppe Smart Grids & Energy Markets des Instituts für Informationswirtschaft und Marketing (IISM) sucht ab sofort eine studentische Hilfskraft zur Unterstützung des Projektmanagements in einem aktuellen Forschungsprojekt zur Implementation und Auswertung von blockchain-basierten Smart Meter Energiedaten von Haushalten mit PV-Anlagen in Baden-Württemberg...
Research Group at GDN

From August 14 to 18, several academic assistants and professor Weinhardt were attending the conference on "Group Decision and Negotiation" in Hohenheim, Germany. Amongst the pictorial setting of the Hohenheim Palace, researchers were discussing theoretical and empirical advances in the study of social interaction in groups and negotiations...mehr

Final Presentation "Practical Seminar in Digital Experience" On the 14th of July the final results of the interdisciplinary "Practical Seminar in Digital Experience", a collaborational project between the University of Arts and Design (HfG) Karlsruhe and the Institute of Information Systems and Marketing IISM of the KIT, were presented at the annual exhibition of the HfG Karlsruhe. The seminar has taken place as part of the DX-Networks...more

From August 10th to 12th, Thomas Wagenknecht attended the 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems. He presented our paper „Crowdsourcing in a Public Organization: Transformation and Culture,“ where we develop an IT artifact that enables employees to participate in the strategic decision-making processes at their organization...more

New colleague We are delighted to announce that Mr. Florian Glaser joined our team on August 1st 2017...more
Project Kick-off Meeting in Landau
Project Kick-off Meeting in Landau

On the 24th of July, the IISM, LO3 Energy and Energie Südwest AG attended their first meeting for the Landau Microgrid Project (LAMP) hosted by Energie Südwest in the city of Landau...

Conference on Platforms – Business Models and Contracts

Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt took part in the Conference on Platforms – Business Models and Contracts in Bayreuth. In his keynote on business models for platforms, he considered the recent topics of economical foundations regarding network effects, two-sided markets, platform models, and the transferability of online-reputation...more

12. Wirtschaftspolitischer Dialog: Schöne neue Stromwelt: Erfordert die Digitalisierung eine neue Regulierung

 Prof. Dr. Christof Weinhardt war am 03.Juli.2017 zu der Podiumsdiskussion des Instituts für Wirtschaftspolitik der Universität zu Köln eingeladen...more

Final presentation Internet Business Models & Online Marketing In the course "Internet Business Models & Online Marketing" the students presented their elaborated business models to a jury consisting of Frank Schüler, Joachim Bernecker, Rico Knapper, Christof Weinhardt and Timm Teubner.
Prof. Weinhardt hielt Keynote auf der BIS2017

Im Kontext von Digitalisierung und neuer Geschäftsmodelle ist häufig von „Disruption“ die Rede. Für die meisten Unternehmen die sich den Veränderungen der Digitalisierung stellen, geht es jedoch vielmehr um die Transformation bestehender Geschäftsmodelle...more

1. Platz für Dominik Jung (IISM) beim Duell der klugen Köpfe!

Wer ist klüger: die Professoren, Doktoranden oder Studenten? Bei der neuen Quizshow „Geistesblitze – Duell der klugen Köpfe“ schicken wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen ihre klugen Köpfe ins Rennen. Als Doktorandenverteter für das IISM war Dominik Jung dabei, der zusammen mit seinen KIT-Kollegen Andreas Schäfer und Nils Hildebrandt den ersten Platz belegte...more

Designing blockchain-based microgrid energy markets

The IISM and LO3 Energy have published their first joint publication on designing microgrid energy markets. This work develops a market framework specifically adapted to microgrid energy markets and evaluates the case study of the Brooklyn Microgrid against the developed market framework...more

Stipendiaten/in gesucht

 Das Institut für Informationswirtschaft und Marketing (IISM) sucht zur Verstärkung der Forschungsgruppe Electronic Markets and User Behavior im Fintech-Team zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine/n Stipendiaten/in...

Stipendiaten/in gesucht

Das Institut für Informationswirtschaft und Marketing (IISM) sucht zur Verstärkung der Forschungsgruppe Electronic Markets and User Behavior im Fintech-Team zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine/n Stipendiaten/in...mehr

Research Group at ECIS 2017

The research group was present at the 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) in Guimarães, Portugal, with 5 accepted publications covering the topics of breaking down the blockchain hype, manipulation in prediction markets, as well as peer ratings and assessment quality in crowd-based innovation processes... more

IISM beim 9. Gmunden Retreat on NeuroIS

In der vergangenen Woche war das IISM beim 9. Gmunden Retreat on NeuroIS zu Gast. Gegenstand der Konferenz sind Vorträge und Diskussionen rund um die Schnittstelle der Disziplinen Neurowissenschaft und Informationssysteme...more

Ausschreibung Studentische Hilfskraft

Die Forschungsgruppe Smart Grids & Energy Markets des Instituts für Informationswirtschaft und Marketing (IISM) sucht ab sofort eine studentische Hilfskraft zur Unterstützung eines aktuellen Forschungsprojekts im Bereich prototypische Implementation eines lokalen Energiemarktes auf Haushaltsbasis...more

Guest Lecture by Prof. Harmen Oppewal about eye tracking

 In the course of the PhD course about eye tracking that will take part from 26.6.-30.6.2017 and is organized by Jella Pfeiffer from IISM, we are happy to announce the following guest speaker:
Speaker: Professor Harmen Oppewal (Monash Business School, Melbourne, Australia)...more

IISM bei der Collective Intelligence 2017

 Das IISM war letzte Woche zu Gast bei der 5th Collective Intelligence 2017 Konferenz in Brooklyn, New York. Knapp 200 internationale Gäste trafen sich in der NYU Tandon School of Engineering um Themen rund um Collective Intelligence, Crowdsourcing, Innovation Contests, Participatory Budgeting und Prognosebörsen zu diskutieren...more

IISM auf dem International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

Vom 15. bis zum 16. Juni nahm das Team vom IISM am 4. International Workshop on the Sharing Economy in Lund (Schweden) teil. Fokus des Workshops waren unter anderem Konzepte, Methoden und Auswirkungen der Sharing Economy...mehr

IISM bei der 14th International Conference on the European Energy Market
IISM at the 14th International Conference on the European Energy Market

This week, the IISM is visiting Dresden, Germany to take part in the 14th Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM). Every year, more than 300 international visitors meet in a different European country to discuss current and future trends in the European energy market... more

Studentische Hilfskraft gesucht

Die Forschungsgruppe Electronic Markets & User Behavior des Instituts für Informationswirtschaft und Marketing (IISM) sucht ab sofort eine studentische Hilfskraft zur Unterstützung aktueller Forschungsprojekte rund um die Themenberei-che Fintech und Robo-Advisory... mehr

Best Prototype Award

 Im Rahmen der internationalen Konferenz zu Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (DESRIST2017) erhielt unser Mitarbeiter Michael Knierim den Preis für den besten schriftlichen Beitrag in der Kategorie „Products and Prototypes“...mehr

Prof. Weinhardt
KIT-Experte des Monats

Prof. Weinhardt ist KIT-Experte des Monats zum Thema Smart Data. Hier der vollständige Artikel

Digitale Märkte: Vertrauen ist Geld wert Wer bei Online-Handels-Plattformen wie eBay, Uber, Flipkey oder Airbnb Waren oder Dienstleistungen „von privat zu privat“ erwirbt, muss ein gewisses Grundvertrauen mitbringen. Schließlich handelt er mit Personen, die er nicht kennt und nicht einschätzen kann. Daher legen die Betreiber der Plattformen großen Wert auf Bewertungsmechanismen, die den Kunden helfen, schnell schwarze Schafe auszusortieren und vertrauenswürdige Handelspartner zu finden... mehr
1st KIT-ZEW Workshop „Blockchain in the Energy Context“

On 16th May 2016 the 1st KIT-ZEW Workshop “Blockchain in the Energy Context” was organized by the IISM. In the frame of the workshop applications and case studies of blockchain technology in the energy context were presented... more

Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank becomes member of Digital Experience Network Deutsche Bank Labs has become member of the Digital Experience Network in order to accelerate digital innovation in financial services in cooperation with KIT-IISM... mehr
Keynote von Prof. Weinhardt beim Blockchain Summit des Management Circle Am 26. Und 27. April war Prof. Weinhardt gemeinsam mit unserem Mitarbeiter Benedikt Notheisen beim Blockchain Summit des Management Circle in Frankfurt... more
Digital Experience Network launched

In cooperation with its partners the IISM has launched the digital experience Network to foster digital experience research by advancing innovation in technology-oriented design. It combines competencies of different disciplines in an open and start-up-feel environment and targets extending fundamental scientific knowledge about digital experience and its impact on innovative designs... more


Ausschreibung eines neuen Seminars: “The Economics of Blockchain in Finance and Energy”
New seminar: “The Economics of Blockchain in Finance and Energy”

The IISM offers a new seminar in the summer semester 2017 concerning blockchain applications in the field of finance and energy https://portal.wiwi.kit.edu/ys/1296. The blockchain is frequently referred to as the technological innovation of the 21st century with the potential to reshape and disrupt a plethora of economic activities...

Start der neuen Prognosebörse FAZ.NET-Orakel

Die neue Prognosebörse FAZ.NET-Orakel als Kooperation des IISM und der Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ist nun online. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos und jeder ist herzlich willkommen. Zeigen Sie, wie gut Sie Ereignisse in Politik und Wirtschaft vorhersagen können und handeln Sie Ihre Erwartungen! Auf die besten Händler in unserem FAZ.NET-Orakel warten Preise im Gesamtwert von mehr als 10.000 Euro. Dabei sein lohnt sich also!

Cooperation agreement with Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) signed

The Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) renewed their cooperation agreement for joint research, teaching, and innovation. The Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM) is driving this renewed cooperation from the KIT side. Specifically, as part of the digital experience network various joint activities are planned. For example, in the practical seminar "Digital Experience" students from both institutions will jointly work on projects in the fields of user experience, gamification, and media narration. 

Best Student Paper Award

Was für ein Einstand: Der Preis für das beste Student Paper der Wirtschaftsinformatik-Konferenz 2017 geht an unseren neuen Mitarbeiter David Dann, der seit Januar in der Gruppe Electronic Markets & User Behavior forscht...mehr

Studentische Hilfskraft für Programmier- und Wartungsaufgaben im Bereich Webentwicklung gesucht Das Institut für Informationswirtschaft und Marketing (IISM) sucht ab sofort studentische Hilfskraft mit einer starken Affinität zu Programmieraufgaben in diversen kleineren und größeren Projekten, die sich mit Crowd Forecasting beschäftigen ... mehr
PhD course: Eye tracking in Desktop, Natural and Virtual Environments (26 – 30 June 2017 | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

 Much of the rapid growth of research on attention and especially eye tracking has been driven by the fast technological development in recent years and a sharp decline in the costs of eye tracking equipment... more

Data Science@IISM

Starting this winter semester, IISM offers new master courses and modules on data science. Visit our new website http://datascience.iism.kit.edu/...more

Lohrmann Medal Ceremony

On 09.12.2016 our research assistant Esther Mengelkamp was awarded the Lohrmann medal for graduating as the best student of the year of the faculty of business and economics at Dresden, University of Technology... more

Visitors from Santiago
Visitors from Santiago at the IISM

From November 28th to December 2nd the IISM will be visited by two researchers from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Prof. Dr. Matías Negrete-Pincetic and Prof. Dr. Daniel Olivares Quero are members of the Escuela de Ingenería and their research includes different aspects of energy markets...more


Call for Papers: 4th European Retail Investment Conference (ERIC) und Doctoral Consortium

The financial crisis has left retail investors with little understanding and trust in financial institutions. Since the crisis a slew of regulations have been introduced to curtail financial market excesses. We have yet to develop an understanding of the effect of these regulations on investors. Most research focuses on institutions and institutional investing with little focus on how retail investors are faring... more

Herzratenmessung mittels Video

 Herzratenmessung mittels Video
Im Rahmen einer Seminararbeit wurde eine kontaktlose Herzratenmessung für unsere Experimentalplattform Brownie entwickelt. Die mobile Anwendung (Demo 1) wurde im KD2Lab gegen herkömmliche Herzratenmessungen mittels Elektrokardiogramm sowie Photoplethysmogramm getestet (Demo2)...mehr

Studentische Hilfskraft im Bereich Emotionserkennung gesucht

 Für ein Projekt mit unserem Partner GFK suchen wir einen Hiwi mit Programmierkenntnissen in Java...more

L03 Energy at IISM

The founders of the Brooklyn Microgrid, a peer-to-peer local energy market based on blockchain technology, visited the IISM on 19.10.2016 during their Germany tour. L03 energy is the first company to actually execute an energy trade on blockchain technology...mehr

Studentische Hilfskraft gesucht

 Die Forschungsgruppe Electronic Markets & User Behavior (IISM) sucht studentische Hilfskräfte für vielfältige Aufgaben im Bereich Forschung, insbesondere im Themengebiet Decision making and decision support...more

Neuer Mitarbeiter

Wir freuen uns, Herrn David Dann ab dem 01.01.2017 als neuen Mitarbeiter für unser Institut gewonnen zu haben. Herr Dann wird die Forschungsgruppe Electronic Markets & User Behavior im Bereich Peer-to-Peer Plattformen unterstützen. 

Studentische Hilfskraft gesucht

Die Forschungsgruppe Electronic Markets & User Behavior sucht studentische Hilfskräfte für vielfältige Aufgaben im Bereich Forschung und Lehre... mehr

Prof. Weinhardt zu Blockchain bei der Deutschen Bank in New York

Im Rahmen seiner Forschungsreise Anfang September, besuchte Prof. Weinhardt Philadelphia, Boston und New York. Neben den an der Wharton School und dem MIT media lab gesammelten akademischen Inspirationen, tauschte sich Prof...mehr

Nordic Blockchain Summit

 Am 18.08.2016 fand an der IT University of Copenhagen der Nordic Blockchain Summit statt...mehr

Blockchain Energy Markets at IISM
Blockchain Energy Markets at IISM

The IISM develops decentralized, blockchain-based energy markets. A household will be able to sell solar power to its neighbors on these local energy markets. The realization of such energy markets is becoming increasingly attractive. The IISM took part in the ewi Energy Debate Blockchain in Cologne and is also present at Microsoft and EnBW’s Hackathon regarding Energy Wallets.

TEDx Talk von Prof. Dr. Weinhardt und Ass.-Prof. Dr. Hall
TEDx Talk by Prof. Dr. Weinhard and Ass.-Prof. Dr. Hall Prof. Dr. Weinhardt and Ass.-Prof. Dr. Hall gave a TEDx Talk entitled “Do We Choose What We Desire? Using Participatory Decisions To Persuade Citizens To Make Consistent and Sustainable Decisions”. View here:
Bachelor’s Thesis, Master’s Thesis

Virtual Shopping and E-Shops – Analysing consumer behaviour and decision making 

Prof. Hassanein at IISM

From 27th to 29th June, Prof. Khaled Hassanein (McMaster University) visited
IISM. Prof. Hassanein presented current research and gave a talk on how the
usage of data analytics affects business performance. Moreover, in various
workshops, the experienced researcher shared his knowledge on the broader IS
community and publication strategies.

Transition from ORSEE to hroot

We are transitioning from ORSEE to hroot! Please update your user account in hroot.

Prof. Weinhardt as Keynote speaker at Forschungsgipfel 2016 The Forschungsgipfel 2016 took place on 12.04.2016 in Berlin, giving leaders and experts from industry, science, politics and civil society the opportunity to develop concepts for the use of digitisation in Germany as a research location.
Textbook Fundamentals of Service Systems

The textbook Fundamentals of Service Systems is now available...more

Senacor Case Challenge

Senacor provides the opportunity for students from business informatics, applied computer science and business with a focus on information technology to apply for the case challenge. The teams, consisting of three members, are going to compete for the Business Informatics Trophy 2016. Prof. Mädche will be a juror.

Further information can be found here.

Stellenausschreibung Service Design

Die Forschungsgruppe beschäftigt sich mit Fragestellungen der nutzerzentrierten digitalen Transformation und der Gestaltung in telligenter Dienstleistungssysteme in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Im Kompetenzfeld der nutzerzentrierten digitalen Transformation werden sowohl die nutzerzentrierte Entwicklung digitaler Dienstleistungen als auch Adoption und Nutzung im Kontext der Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen und Dienstleistungen untersucht... mehr

Das landesweite Semesterticket - Alle zahlen für Wenige? Derzeit wird darüber verhandelt, ob es in Baden-Württemberg nach dem Vorbild vieler anderer Bundesländer ein Semesterticket für Studierende geben soll. Damit könnten dann Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel von Studierenden an baden-württembergischen Hochschulen frei genutzt werden. Doch wer nutzt die überhaupt? Und wie teuer wird das? ... mehr
Emotionsstufe Rot - Live Biofeedback in elektronischen Märkten Warum schlägt unser Herz schneller wenn booking.com uns wissen lässt, dass sich noch zwei andere das letzte freie Zimmer anschauen?