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Prof. Dr. Weinhardt - Forschungsgipfel 2016

Prof. Dr. Weinhardt - Forschungsgipfel 2016


Date: 15.04.2016



The Forschungsgipfel 2016 took place on 12.04.2016 in Berlin, giving leaders and experts from industry, science, politics and civil society the opportunity to develop concepts for the use of digitisation in Germany as a research location. Alongside chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the CEO of Daimler AG, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Prof. Weinhardt was part of the first “inner circle” with his Keynote address. His speech addressed the topic “Shaping digitisation. More knowledge. More ideas. More boldness.”. A subsequent discussion was dedicated to the same topic. Watch a short excerpt of the three keynotes here.
The summit dealt with the subject of digitisation through three so-called “inner circles”, addressing three central issues:
  • How can we improve our competences through the help of digitisation, but also expand them using digitisation?
  • Which new forms of collaboration and cooperation in science and innovation does digitisation facilitate?
  • What general conditions need to be established in order to maximise the potential of digitisation for Germany as a location of science and innovation?
Find video recordings of the keynotes at http://forschungsgipfel.de/videos/index.html
A shortened excerpt of the first inner circle with Prof. Weinhardt’s keynote can be viewed here.