Business Data Strategy


With new methods for capturing and using different types of data and industry’s recognition that society’s use of data is less than optimal, the need for comprehensive strategies is more important than ever before. Advances in cybersecurity and information sharing and the use of data in its raw form for decision making all add to the complexity of integrated processes, ownership, stewardship, and sharing. The life cycle of data in its entirety spans the infrastructure, system design, development, integration, and implementation of information-enabling solutions. This lecture focuses on teaching about these dynamics and tools to comprehend and manage them in organisation contexts. Given the increasing size and complexity of data, methods for the transformation and structured preparation are an important tool in the process of sense–making. Modern software solutions and programming languages provide frameworks for such tasks that form another part of this course ranging from conceptual systems modelling to data manipulation to automated generation of HTML reports and web-applications.

Language of instructionGerman
Organisational issues


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