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Planned Versus Unplanned Decisions in Experimental Economics

Planned Versus Unplanned Decisions in Experimental Economics
Typ:Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit

Christian Peukert

In many economic disciplines, a distinction is made between planned and unplanned decisions. Such a distinction is reasonable, since behavior within planned or unplanned decision-making processes can vary substantially. Whereas in planned decision-making processes decisions are made rather rational, unplanned decisions can be highly emotional. In order to be able to examine more closely what actually happens inside a person's mind during an unplanned decision, it is necessary to experimentally generate a scenario to observe unplanned decision-making. Within a literature review, studies shall be identified that have attempted to experimentally manipulate the nature of the decision, i.e. planned versus unplanned. Based on the findings of the literature review, an experimental design shall be proposed, in which planned versus unplanned decisions can best be investigated in the future.

We are looking for smart and highly motivated bachelor / master students who want to write their thesis in an academic environment. The work will be carried out in close collaboration with researchers from the Politecnico di Milano. Therefore, good communication skills and fluency in English is a must.