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Understand Smartphone Usage Data to fight Smartphone Addiction

Understand Smartphone Usage Data to fight Smartphone Addiction
Typ:Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit

Dr. Simon Kloker

Every day, there is a study somewhere in the news about how bad too much smartphone usage, too much accessibility, too many social networks, too many computer games, and too many information systems are for us. And yet nothing changes.

While the academic discussion is currently mostly related to antecedents and the nature of addictions and disorders triggered by information systems, the treatment is a rather underdeveloped field.

A first step towards treatment is the ability to give reliable diagnoses for problematic behavior on large scale. The smartphone, often in the center of addictions, may also be the key to provide data for such an undertaking. In this thesis project the applicant will have to collect smartphone usage data using an app provided by the mentor and later relate them to behavioral patterns.

Required skills/interests: Data Science, Project Management

Other requirements: Android Smartphone

For questions, do not hesitate to contact Simon Kloker. To apply for the thesis, please send a current transcript of records, a short CV, and a brief motivation (2-3 sentences) to simon.kloker@kit.edu.