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Programming and evaluation of an agent-based simulation of the Data Provision Game

Programming and evaluation of an agent-based simulation of the Data Provision Game
Typ:Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit

Wolfgang Badewitz

Background: Data is a valuable asset, that fuels our economy. Recent Figures show that the Data Economy contributes approximately 2,6%  to the GDP of the EU28 in 2018 and has an high-above average growth rate of round about 12% [1]. Nonetheless, Data is a commodity in its infancy and markets for data are still immature. Approaches to monetize data will facilitate the exchange of data between companies and thus increase the value of data [2].

Aim / Task: The Data Provision Game is a game theoretical model developed at the FZI Research Center for Computer Science to explore data monetization and design incentive structure in collaborative data value chains. In its basic form, the model consists of data providers and data users, which are in conflict of interest about the quality of provided data. The goal of the Data Provision Game is to identify market mechanisms that stimulate a system-optimal quality choice.
In this thesis, a generic agent-based simulation of the game shall be programmed in Python. The agents must be able to learn from the price signals (e.g. via reinforcement learning). The analysis function shall be programmed as a kernel and shall be interchangeable. Eventually, the simulation shall be used to analyze the game for different pricing mechanisms and strategies.

[1]    G. Cattaneo, G. Micheletti, and C. Pepato, “Data as the Engine of Europe’s Digital Future,” no. June, p. 54, 2019.
[2]    S. L. Woerner and B. H. Wixom, “Big Data: Extending the Business Strategy Toolbox,” J. Inf. Technol., vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 60–62, Mar. 2015.

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