Welcome to brownie, the first Java-based NeuroIS tool for economic experiments.


In the field of NeuroIS, experimental software needs to simultaneously present experimental stimuli to participants while recording, analyzing, or displaying neurophysiological measures. For example, a user’s heart beat (neurophysiological measure) might be recorded during interaction with an e-commerce website (stimulus) to track changes in user arousal, or a user might be shown changing arousal levels during an exciting game. We have developed an experimental software solution that addresses a wide range of needs of the NeuroIS researcher: (1) it integrates neurophysiological measurements, (2) it incorporates real-time processing of neurophysiological data, (3) it facilitates research on individual and group behavior in the lab, and (4) it offers a large variety of options for presenting experimental stimuli, and (v) it is open-source and easily extensible with open-source libraries.


  • To develop a framework for conducting economic experiments on Java.
  • Implement the basic building blocks of experiments, such as "Trial", "Session", "Repeated", "Stranger/Partner Matching", etc.
  • Enable to design experiments using Java Swing's extensive UI toolbox.
  • To integrate elements of Neuro- and Psychophysio- logical experiments, such as Event markers, and Sensor data handling.
  • Easier data analysis by directly logging Events of interest into the database.
  • Achieving a stable core, and make the platform available for distribution and use.



We are always looking for researchers and research teams to implement and run their experiment on the platform. Also, we are welcoming any students with Java experience to help us developing the platform.

Source code download here.

To request access to the source code, please email or


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