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Turn that frown upside down…

Turn that frown upside down…
Type:Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit

Michael Knierim

… or to be more precise: turn that stress into flow. Flow is the experience of being ‘in the zone’, when you act with total involvement, losing track of time and self. The experience is accompanied by several positive outcomes like increased task performance and positive feelings. This is often the case in knowledge-related and IT-supported activities like programming, designing or research. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to experience this state with ease. Faced with a challenging task, some experience high levels of anxiety or stress while others feel enjoyment and flow. Due to novel findings in the fields of psychophysiology, affective computing and brain-computer-interface research, new potentials are emerging to develop technologies that might help to make it easier to get into ‘the zone’ (see for example: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mindset/headphones?lang=de).

However, more research is needed to achieve this goal. In this thesis, you can join our efforts to reach it through one of several ways if you have an interest in:
Designing experiments to study what happens in body and brain during flow.
Implementing technologies (applications using wearable devices) to observe flow or attempt to influence it (e.g. bio- or neurofeedback tools).
Analyzing physiological (EEG, ECG, or EDA) data, using state-of-the-art approaches in digital signal processing, statistical methods and artificial intelligence.


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If you are interested, please send a (very short = 2-3 sentences) motivation message, your transcript of records and a CV to michael.knierim@kit.edu.