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Are we in Flow?

Are we in Flow?
Type:Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit

Michael Knierim

Flow is the experience of being ‘in the zone’, when you act with total involvement in a task, losing track of time and self. While this experience has originally been attributed to individuals, it is starting to be known, that the experience is especially strong when experienced in a team. However, it is not quite known, how the experience of team flow can be observed without interrupting it, which centrally limits research efforts and efforts to facilitate team flow in practice. An interesting opportunity is provided by research in the fields of affective computing and neuro-information systems, that attempt to identify what happens in the brain and body during flow in teams. Specifically, the phenomenon, that physiological functions (e.g. heart rate changes) synchronize in some interactions is proposed as a potential marker of team flow.

However, more research is needed to achieve this goal. In this thesis, you can join our efforts to reach it through one of several ways if you have an interest in:
Conducting experiments to study the physiology of group flow based on already implemented experiment designs or adaptations thereof from your side.
Analyzing physiological (ECG or EDA) data, using state-of-the-art approaches in digital signal processing, statistical methods and artificial intelligence.


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If you are interested, please send a (very short = 2-3 sentences) motivation message, your transcript of records and a CV to michael.knierim@kit.edu.