Blockchain Technology in Information Systems research: Assessing current status

  • Type:Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit
  • Date:vergeben
  • Supervisor:

    Tobias Kölbel

  • Background & Motivation

    Blockchain - have you heard of it? After there was a lot of hype in 2017 surrounding this technology, inter alia building the fundament of Bitcoin, media coverage declined in recent years. Meanwhile, research about this topic has progressed. Disdained by some as a solution without a problem, perceived by others as a Holy Grail and solution to many problems. Regardless what application domain you refer to, this phenomenon can be observed. With this in mind, Information Systems research in particular can make valuable contributions by integrating the technical view on Blockchain with interdisciplinary research approaches. But where do we stand today?


    Aim of the thesis

    The aim of your thesis is to conduct a literature review on Blockchain in the IS research community. In order to ensure the relevance and quality of the reviewed publications, your research should focus on the top eight peer-reviewed, scientific IS journals from the AIS Senior Scholars' Basket and selected IS conferences.

    Interest in economic and statistical methods is required.



    This thesis will be written at IISM in corporation with the Bosch Economy of Things Project. This thesis is NOT an external thesis. You are free to write your thesis in German or English. Please apply with a short letter of motivation (approx. ½ page), your CV and a current overview of your grades. You can start working on the project immediately.


    Related Literature


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