Requirements Diploma and Term Papers

The examination regulations include the detailed requirements for diploma, bachelor’s or master’s theses, such as the scheduled duration for the thesis. Some general requirements are described in the following.

I. Objectives and Formal Requirements

The diploma, bachelor’s, or respectively master’s thesis shall proof that the candidate is able to work independently on a problem from his field of study within a limited period of time by using scientific methods.

A diploma thesis in the form of group work can also be accredited, if the contributions of the individual candidates, which have to be evaluated, can be clearly distinguished from each other according to objective criteria. These objective criteria have to make an unambiguous distinction possible. Furthermore, the contributions of the individual candidates have to meet the beforehand mentioned conditions.

The scheduled duration for the thesis depends on the particular programme. The thesis duration within the scope of the diploma programmes Business Engineering and Information Engineering and Management is six months.

Bachelor Programme: The examination regulations from October 2005 (§14), as well as from 2009 (§11), determine a duration of six months and a work load of not more than 360 hours for the bachelor’s thesis in the programme Information Engineering and Management. A duration of three months, with an optional one-month extension on request, is declared for Bachelor students from the study programmes Business Engineering and Economics Engineering (see §11 PO 2007).

Master Programme: The duration for the thesis in the Master’s programmes Information Engineering and Management, Business Engineering, and Economics Engineering is six months.

The thesis has to include the following statement (because of legal implications this has to be written in German):

  • » Ich versichere wahrheitsgemäß, die Arbeit selbstständig verfasst, alle benutzten Hilfsmittel vollständig und genau angegeben und alles kenntlich gemacht zu haben, was aus Arbeiten anderer unverändert oder mit Abänderungen entnommen wurde sowie die Satzung des KIT zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis in der jeweils gültigen Fassung beachtet zu haben. «

In the case of thesis which are written in English, this declaration may also be made in English, taking into account all the information given with regard to content and in agreement with the examiner responsible.

The complete examination regulation can be downloaded on the web pages of the Faculty of Economics.

The application form for admission to a diploma, bachelor’s or master’s thesis, is available here. Please note that the title of bachelor and master theses has to be filled out in English as well as in German.

II. Bachelor- and Master Canidate Colloquium

Participating in the Bachelor-and Master Candidate Colloquium is obligate at the Chair of Information and Market Engineering. Please make sure to enlist into the corresponding ilias-course. You will be invited to the bi-weekly appointments through the course. Additionally, you will find an overview of all dates for the meetings of the current semester.

III. How to hand your thesis in:
  • 1 bounded copy
  • 1 electronic version in pdf-format on CD-ROM
  • electronically available sources on CD-ROM
  • online-sources (websites) as pdf-file(s) on CD-ROM
  • further files (source codes, excel sheets, etc.) on CD-ROM
IV. External Theses

Writing a thesis / term paper in cooperation with an external partner is possible upon individual agreement.

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