Alfred Landecker Foundation

The Alfred Landecker Foundation is committed to combating group-based hatred and anti-Semitism in particular. It fights for democracy and, as part of its commitment to an open and liberal society, funds the SOSEC project.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is dedicated to understanding the challenges of digitization, personalization and fragmentation.


ASCoR coordinates the TWON project, develops theoretically sound metrics to assess debate quality, and conducts case studies.

Robert Koch-Institut

The Robert Koch Institute is the biomedical lead research institution of the German federal government. Its tasks include the detection, surveillance and prevention of diseases, the observation and analysis of long-term health trends in Germany, and much more.


As part of the TWON consortium, RKI is responsible for conducting and analyzing a public health case study.

Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija

STA, the Slovenian national press agency, has a research and development team that contributes its expertise in public relations in Eastern Europe to the TWON project.

University of Belgrade

The Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory at the University of Belgrade conducts socially and scientifically relevant, multi-perspective and interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical research.


As part of the TWON consortium, the IFDT team will contribute to the computer modeling of complex social networks, as well as design and conduction of case studies.

Universität Trier

The Department of Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities at the University of Trier combines digital humanities with machine learning for natural language understanding in the framework of the Knowledge Representation Learning (krAil) research group.


Within TWON, the University of Trier is coordinating the machine learning aspects of the digital twin.

Institut Josef Stefan

The Jožef Stefan Institute is a leading Slovenian research institute and covers a wide range of basic and applied research - especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

Within TWON, JSI is responsible for the implementation of the digital twin and coordinates the work of the participants regarding ethical, legal and social aspects of the project.

FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

FZI is a leading independent institute for applied cutting-edge research and research transfer in the field of information and communication technology, working to respond to societal challenges worldwide.