Student Research Assistant “Interoception and Flow in Mental Work“

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    currently available

  • Eintrittstermin:

    at any time / according to our arrangement

  • Kontaktperson:

    Christoph Berger

Research Focus & Job Description

I research the connection between our bodily awareness (interoception) and our state of mind while working (flow states), with a special focus on mental work. A great work experience happens when we are fully focused and engaged in a task. This is called the flow state and it leads to better performance, comfort, motivation, and reduced stress. However, the role of internal body sensations in achieving this flow state is not well understood.

That's why my goal is to learn more about this connection and find ways to help people to experience flow while they work mentally. This hopefully can improve their daily work lives, well-being, and productivity simultaneously.

Uncovering the link between interoception and flow states requires a diverse approach. That's why my research incorporates laboratory and field experiments, as well as quantitative and qualitative survey studies. If you're motivated by these topics and you have a curious and reliable mindset - regardless of your field of study (economics, psychology, computer science, ...) - don't hesitate to reach out to me for collaboration. As interdisciplinary research requires a flexible concept, so we will elaborate together on a setup that fits your priorities and my current research agenda as well as.


Job Facts

  • working time: 20 – 40 h/month (according to our arrangement)
  • working hours are flexible
  • payout: 12,00 €/h – 17,49 €/h (depending on your academic degrees)


How to apply?

In case you are interested in the topic and positively triggered by the idea to do scientific work, please send a short mail about your interests, motivation, and your background (including a short CV and transcript of records) to christoph.berger∂