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Development of Information Clustering Processes for User-Friendly Database Navigation

Development of Information Clustering Processes for User-Friendly Database Navigation

Greta Luise Hoffmann

Databases are the organized fundament of aggregated human knowledge. They are described as organized collections of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. However, most users still don't have the means to benefit from the huge amount of linked information that is available on the internet.
It could be argued that this is due to the lack of adequate computer navigation skills. On the other hand it could also be seen as a failure of providing user-friendly tools that allow for more user-oriented navigation.

For these reasons the project KUBUN is currently under development.


One of the many challenges of such a project (aside from matters of visual layouting and programming) is to offer structured clusters of fitting information to allow for easy drill-down to datapoints of interest.

Thus your task will be to develop a process for clustering information on the basis of a database schema of your choice of topic (scientific (e.g. gene ontology or a publication database) or popularistic (e.g. a media database like IMDB or Anisearch)). Furthermore the work includes a testing and evaluation of the method through interview-based user-testing and card sorting.

This work will be based on current research on user experience and human computer interaction.

The thesis does not require advanced knowledge in the fields of database engineering, basic knowledge in the field of computer science is recommended though.

Wir erwarten:

Strukturiertes und analytisches Denken
Kreativität, Lernbereitschaft, Selbstständigkeit und Teamfähigkeit
Grundsätzliche Leidenschaft für Sortieren und Strukturieren
Motivation und Engagement

Wir bieten:

Mitarbeit an aktuellen Forschungsthemen (User Experience, HCI, Klassifikation)
lockere und angenehme Arbeitsatmosphäre und konstruktive Zusammenarbeit

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