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Cashing the Data Check: How to monetize underutilized Data in the context of BASF.

Cashing the Data Check: How to monetize underutilized Data in the context of BASF.

Dr. Simon Kloker (IISM),
Dr. Henrik Fälsch (BASF)

Enterprises are increasingly sitting on tons of data generated by sensors in the production, protocols and logs of information systems, or other records created during their everyday business. However, currently managers are missing ideas and the opportunity to leverage the value of this data within the boundaries of their company. As much of this data is neither relevant for their competitive advantage nor critical regarding data privacy issues, managers increasingly think about selling (or providing) the data to third parties on data marketplaces or on own platforms. “Data monetization”, as this practice is termed, however is essentially still only a vague term and concrete visions and concepts how to identify, value, and share data are missing.

Research Task:
In the course of this master thesis, a concept for data monetization should be explored that helps companies to identify, value, and create a concept for sharing underutilized data. Current data marketplaces and use-cases from BASF should be incorporated into this concept. Relevant contacts into BASF will be provided. In the context of this thesis it is also possible to conduct an internship at BASF (not mandatory).

Required skills/interests:
Data Science, Project Management, Autonomy, Conceptualization and Organization Skills

Other requirements:

For questions, do not hesitate to contact Simon Kloker. To apply for the thesis, please send a current transcript of records, a short CV, and a brief motivation (2-3 sentences) to simon.kloker@kit.edu.