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Kranz, T. T.; Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2015

Beware of Performance Indicators - How Visual Cues Increase the Disposition Effect. Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE)


Teschner, F.; Kranz, T. T.; Weinhardt, C. 2014
The Impact of Customizable Market Interfaces on Trading Performance. Electronic Markets.


Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2015
A MACROECONOMIC FORECASTING MARKET. Journal of Business Economics (formerly: Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB)).
Kranz, T. T.; Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2014
Web vs. Mobile – Comparing Trading Performance in Stationary and Mobile Settings. International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications 6(4). 28-43.
Teschner, F.; Wagenschwanz, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2013
Analysis of the Disposition Effect: Asymmetry and Prediction Accuracy. Journal of Prediction Markets 7(1). 27–42.
Teschner, F.; Rothschild, D. 2012
Simplifying Market Access: a New Confidence-Based Interface. Journal of Prediction Markets 6(3). 27–41.
Teschner, F.; Coblenz, M.; Weinhardt, C. 2011
Short-Selling in Prediction Markets. The Journal of Prediction Markets 5(2). 14–31.

Begutachtete Beiträge in Konferenz- und Sammelbänden

Kranz, T. T.; Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2014
Combining Prediction Markets and Surveys: an Experimental Study. Proceedings of the 22nd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS).
Straub, T.; Gimpel, H.; Teschner, F. 2014
The Negative Effect of Feedback on Performance in Crowd Labor Tournaments. in: Nickerson, J.; Malone, T. (eds.), Collective Intelligence 2014: Proceedings. arXiv.org. Rank 6 among the Top Ten Recent Papers on Labor Markets as listed by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN, April 9, 2014).
Gimpel, H.; Teschner, F. 2014
Market-Based Collective Intelligence in Enterprise 2.0 Decision Making. in: Nickerson, J.; Malone, T. (eds.), Collective Intelligence 2014: Proceedings. arXiv.org.
Straub, T.; Gimpel, H.; Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2014
Feedback and Performance in Crowd Work: A Real Effort Experiment. ECIS 2014 Proceedings, Tel Aviv, Israel. AIS Electronic Library.
Kranz, T. T.; Teschner, F.; Roüast, P.; Weinhardt, C. 2014
Identifying Individual Party Preferences in Political Stock Markets. in: Kommers, P.; Isaías, P. (eds.), Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on E-Society. (Madrid, Spain). ISBN: 978-989-8704-03-0. 162–169.
Hariharan, A.; Teschner, F.; Astor, P. J.; Adam, M. T. P. 2013
Incorporating Emotional Information in Decision Systems. Emotion Representations and Modelling for HCI Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. (Sydney, Australia).
Gimpel, H.; Teschner, F. 2013
Collective Intelligence in Market-Based Social Decision Making. ICIS 2013 Proceedings (International Conference on Information Systems). (Milan, Italy). Association for Information Systems (AIS).
Teschner, F.; Gimpel, H. 2013
Crowd Labor Markets as Platform for IS Research: First Evidence from Electronic Markets. ICIS 2013 Proceedings (International Conference on Information Systems). (Milan, Italy). Association for Information Systems (AIS).
Kranz, T. T.; Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2014
User Heterogeneity in Trading Systems: Assessing Trader’s Market Predisposition via Personality Questionnaires. Proceedings of the 2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). 1230–1239.
Gimpel, H.; Teschner, F. 2013
Prediction markets with experts concerned in post-market information usage: Experimental evidence on collective intelligence. 2013 ESA World Meeting.
Rothschild, D.; Goldstein, D. G.; Teschner, F. 2013
A Competition among New Methods for Eliciting Probability Distributions. 24th Subjective Probability, Utility, and Decision Making Conference. (Barcelona).
Martin, J.; Setzer, T.; Teschner, F.; Conte, o.; Weinhardt, C. 2012
Decision Support Services Based on Dynamic Digital Analyses - Quality Metrics for Financial Planning Processes. SRII Global Conference. 130–138.
Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2012
Identifying Experts in Virtual Forecasting Communities. Proceedings of the 18th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS). (Seattle, Washington).
Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2012
Learning by Trading in a Macro-economic Forecasting Game. Proceedings of the 20th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). (Barcelona, Spain).
Teschner, F.; Kranz, T. T.; Weinhardt, C. 2012
Decision Behavior and Performance in Mobile Trading Applications. in: Back, A.; Bick, M.; Breunig, M.; Pousttchi, K.; Thiesse, F. (eds.), Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), MMS 2012: Mobile und Ubiquitäre Informationssysteme. Vol. P-202. Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI), Bonn. Köllen Druck+Verlag GmbH, Bonn. ISBN 978-3-88579-296-3. 122–127.
Teschner, F.; Mazarakis, A.; Riordan, R.; Weinhardt, C. 2011
Participation, Feedback & Incentives in a Competitive Forecasting Community. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). (Shanghai, China). Paper 16. 1–14.
Schiller, C.; Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2011
Predictive Quality of the Ifo Sub-Indices: How Survey Design affects Forecasting Consistency and Accuracy. 6. Workshop Makroökonomik und Konjunktur. (ifo Dresden).
Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C. 2012
Evaluating Hidden Market Design. Auctions, Market Mechanisms, and Their Applications. New York, US: Springer. 5–17.
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A Prediction Market for Macro-Economic Variables. Proceedings of the 2011 44th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. (Washington, DC, USA) HICSS '11. IEEE Computer Society. 1–9.
Stathel, S.; Teschner, F.; Kullnig, T.; Kranz, T. T.; van Dinther, C.; Weinhardt, C. 2010
Innovation Assessment via Enterprise Information Markets. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on IT-enabled Innovation in Enterprise. 206–218.
Stathel, S.; Luckner, S.; Teschner, F.; Weinhardt, C.; Reeson, A.; Whitten, S. 2009
AKX – An Exchange for Predicting Water Dam Levels in Australia. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Information Technologies in Environmental Engineering. (Thessaloniki, Greece). 78–90.

Sonstige Konferenzbeiträge (Auswahl)

Teschner, F. 2011
Behavioral ICT: Risk, Cognition and Information. Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium, Wirtschaftsinformatik 2011. (Zurich, Switzerland).
Teschner, F.; Rehm, S. 2011
Prediction Markets and Social Networks. Third International Conference on Prediction and Information Markets. (Nottingham, UK).
Teschner, F.; Storkenmaier, A. 2010
Short Selling in Prediction Markets. Proceedings of the 11th Group Decision and Negotiation Conference (GDN), Extended Abstract.

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Teschner, F.; Kranz, T. T. 2012
Die Weisheit der Masse. Karlsruher Transfer 45. 47–48. ISSN 0937-0803.



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