Data Analytics for Business & Society

Welcome to the Data Analytics for Business & Society Research Group! We are a dedicated and passionate team of experts at the intersection of information science, data analytics, and business management. Our group is committed to practical, meaningful research that leverages the potential of data to facilitate informed decision-making and drive positive change in several key areas that have significant impact across multiple industries.

1.  Modern Analytics Tools and Data Management

In a data-driven landscape, the accuracy and quality of information are of paramount importance. We address the practical applications of advanced analytics tools to streamline data management. We explore how advanced tools and methods can be used to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and overall quality of data. Our findings pave the way for informed decision-making processes in various industries.

2.  Innovative Techniques for Enhanced Data Literacy and Analytics Comprehensibility

Making complex data and innovative analytics comprehensible is a challenge we embrace. Our research examines how innovative technologies can enhance data literacy, analytics skills and AI Explainability. By adopting innovative visualization techniques, we aim to transform complex data into user-friendly representations, making insights more accessible and actionable. With the support of chatbots and generative AI, we seek to enable interactive and dynamic data-driven conversations to improve user engagement and understanding.

3.  Smart Finance and ESG-Criteria Integration

We investigate the synergy between data-driven strategies and sustainable finance. Our group explores how Smart Finance can align with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria. By analyzing data through an ethical and responsible lens, we uncover ways in which financial decisions can contribute to both profitability and positive societal impact.

4.  Analytics-Driven Business Development

The future is undeniably digital, and so is business development. Using analytical insights, we look for ways to optimize processes and improve the user experience in professional settings. Our goal is to drive innovation based on data-driven decisions. In this way, we explore how data can be utilized in reshaping industries.

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