The research group Information & Market Engineering (IM) offers students of KIT in their studies a wide set of lectures, exercises and seminars. The knowledge acquired during these creates the opportunity to obtain a more thorough understanding in the research area of the chair by writing a thesis (Bachelor, Master) at our institute. Under certain circumstances a stay abroad is also possible.

  • Lectures: All lectures and seminars which are offered in the respective semester are listed here. 

  • Teaching concept: This table gives a good overview about the recurrent lectures offered at the chair.

  • Internship in Information Engineering and Management: In accordance with the rules and requirements from the Faculty of Economics (Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften) the IISM is able to conduct the examination and final approval of an internship in context of the bachelor's program in Information Engineering and Management. In order to assess the adequacy of the student's internship, information on the company, the particular position and responsibilities have to be provided to the IISM. Please contact Kim K. Miskiw if any further questions arise.

  • Thesis Papers: Within the scope of a final thesis at our chair several facts are to be considered. Here all current thesis advertisements and modalities are described in detail.

  • Study abroad: Students with very good performances can also apply for our exchange programmes. The stay duration varies between six months and one year. The current programmes are listed here.

  • Accreditiation of courses from abroad: If you have studied at a foreign university abroad or domestic university, you have the possibility to validate and include this performance in the modules at the IISM. In addition, information about the recognition of performances which were brought at another institute is also to be found here.

  • The institute holds a cooperation with the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management in the field of continuous education. The Technology Business School of KIT offers five Executive and English spoken Master Programs for engineers, economists and computer scientists.


Contact for teaching organisation: IM-Lehre∂