Platforms & Digital Experiences

The main goal of the research group is the improvement of well-being and growth through the use of innovative digital technologies – both on the individual level and for society at large.

First, the work in the group focuses specifically on the detection and support of positive mental states like the flow-experience, which is associated with increased well-being, performance and growth for individuals and teams. Through the use of multimodal sensor technology, we are developing approaches to capture flow in an automated and unobtrusive way. In addition, we are exploring how simple recommendations can be used to efficiently promote flow – especially in the context of work, where such recommendations can create particular value.

Second, the group’s work focuses on the advancement of digital participation platforms. We use artificial intelligence to lower entry barriers into the research world, for example by developing automated literature analyses that facilitate the overview of established knowledge and practices in science. We are also exploring the use of adaptive mechanisms for providing information about decision outcomes on participation platforms, which could improve the acceptance and decision quality of public participation processes.


Head of Division

Michael Knierim Michael Knierim
+49 (721) 608-41583

Research Assistants

Karen Bartholomeyczik
+49 (721) 608 48374
Marius Schenkluhn
+49 (721) 608 48382
Lorenzo del Puppo


Anke Greif-Winzrieth
+49 (721) 608 48382
Fabio Stano



  • Knowledge Work / Future of Work
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Digital Participation Platforms


  • Experiments (Lab & Feld)
  • Digital Signal Processing (Wearables)
  • Machine Learning (Classification & NLP)
  • Design Science to Design, Implement and Evaluate Algorithms & Interfaces