Abschlussarbeit "P2P-Online-Market Design" zu vergeben

  • Author:

    Verena Dorner

  • Date: 05.05.2015

P2P-Online-Market Design

  • The rise of Ebay, Airbnb, ride sharing platforms, and a multitude of other P2P online markets has demonstrated the powerful implications of what is often referred to as the “Sharing Economy”. This economy, as is realized by now, is less about sharing than it is about financial interests. This said, our research group aims at better understanding how such markets in fact work, as they incorporate novel features that draw on “social” or even “personality capital” (reviews, photos, referrals, friend lists, …) In order to do so, among other methods, we use field and laboratory experiments.

    In this practically oriented thesis (BSc. or MSc.), a P2P market online experiment is implemented using the Java-based experiment framework BROWNIE. Applicants should exhibit high motivation and some prior experience with programming and Java.

    Please refer your application directly to timm.teubner@kit.edu.