1st KIT-ZEW Workshop „Blockchain in the Energy Context“

  • Date: 23.05.2017
  • On 16th May 2016 the 1st KIT-ZEW Workshop “Blockchain in the Energy Context” was organized by the IISM. In the frame of the workshop applications and case studies of blockchain technology in the energy context were presented. KIT and ZEW invited international speakers: Christof Weinhardt from KIT IISM, Thorsten Zörner from StromDAO, Scott Kessler from L03 Energy, US, Dr. Thomas Brenner and Felix Förster from OLI SharEnergy and Dominik Schober from ZEW. Subsequent to the presentations and discussions, the 35 participants from academia and industry developed existing and potential use cases from a technological and economical point view in working groups. The workshop was supported by the Helmholtz SCI project and the research alliance ForDigital.