Designing blockchain-based microgrid energy markets

  • Date: 28.06.2017

    The IISM and LO3 Energy have published their first joint publication on designing microgrid energy markets. This work develops a market framework specifically adapted to microgrid energy markets and evaluates the case study of the Brooklyn Microgrid  against the developed market framework. This is the first comprehensive academic case study of a blockchain-based microgrid energy market and a very good start into further cooperation between the IISM and LO3 Energy. The work is published in the journal Applied Energy that is the most influential journals in the field of energy with an impact factor of 7.1 according to the Scientific Journal Rankings - SCImago.
    Mengelkamp, E., Gärttner, J., Rock, K., Kessler, S., Orsini, L., & Weinhardt, C. (2017). Designing microgrid energy markets: A case study: The Brooklyn Microgrid. Applied Energy.