Research Group at 14th International Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI-2019)

  • Date: 19.02.2019
  • The research group ISE (Information Systems & Engineering) will be present at the 14th International Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI-2019) in Siegen with several activities.

    Full Research Papers

    • Measuring Service Encounter Satisfaction with Customer Service Chatbots using Sentiment Analysis (Jasper Feine, Stefan Morana, Ulrich Gnewuch)


    • The Impact of Anthropomorphic and Functional Chatbot Design Features in Enterprise Collaboration Systems on User Acceptance (Tim Rietz, Ivo Benke, Alexander Mädche)

    Panel Discussions
    Prof. Mädche and Prof. Weinhardt co-organize two panel discussions:

    • The past, present, and future of Business Information Systems Engineering (BISE)
    • AI-based Digital Assistants – Opportunities and Risks

    Further Activities
    Jasper Feine will present our research activities on socio-technical design of conversational agents at the workshop on Digital Consumption.  Prof. Mädche will present the current state of the activities of the task force „Marke Wirtschaftsinformatik“ at the WKWI/GI meeting.  Ulli Gnewich will present an applied & industry paper in the track on chatbots and robotic process automation:

    • Designing and Implementing a B2B Chatbot: Insights from a Medium-Sized Service Provider in the Energy Industry (Ulrich Gnewuch, Carl Heckmann, Stefan Morana, Alexander Mädche)

    For further information feel free to directly contact the authors.