Speaker Series Digital Citizen Science “Exploring innovative approaches to data quality in online citizen science“

  • Date: 21.10.2020
  • On October 27th 2020, 2 PM Roman Lukyanenko (HEC Montréal, Canada) and Jeff Parsons (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) will present their research on online citizen science in the speaker series Digital Citizen Science in KD²Ex.

    Abstract: Online citizen science – wherein scientists enlist ordinary people in the general public in scientific research projects – has been growing rapidly in recent years. Despite many successes, various challenges in citizen science remain. Among these is the need to maintain high quality data produced by often untrained and sometimes anonymous users. Data quality in citizen science has received considerable attention from the research community. However, these efforts mainly focused on few dimensions of data quality, such as data accuracy. Much less is known about other important dimensions of the data produced by citizens, such as data diversity. Data diversity is important because it facilitates repurposing of the data produced by citizens, thereby potentially contributing to discoveries. What is more, efforts that may improve data accuracy may also negatively affect data diversity. Our research seeks to establish a broad, holistic understanding of data quality issues in citizen science and investigates design solutions that are capable of simultaneously improving as many dimensions of data quality as possible. The presentation will discuss several completed and also present a number of ongoing studies that deal with the dimensions of accuracy, completeness, data diversity and repurposability of citizen science data.


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