Alicia Wittmer

Alicia Wittmer

  • FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

    Außenstelle Berlin

    Friedrichstr. 60, 10117 Berlin


Research Interest

As a researcher, my main area of interest is digital citizen participation. In my bachelor's thesis, I investigated the opportunities and challenges of designing citizen science platforms. Through my research, I hope to contribute to the development of more effective and engaging digital platforms that enable citizens to actively participate in shaping the world around them. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree at KIT, where my studies focus on the intersection of business and computer science, with a particular focus on the creation of digital services.

FZI House of Participation

I am a member of the House of Participation (HoP), an FZI competence center fostering digital participation and democracy. At HoP, we focus on creating impactful digital interactions that enable all individuals to participate in decision-making across various spheres including the workplace, social life, cultural sector and political matters. If you are a student looking for an assistant position (Hiwi), a seminar, bachelor or master thesis opportunity, we are always seeking passionate and committed individuals to join our team and contribute to shaping the digital democracy. Start listening to HoPcast – our podcast on democracy and participation in the digital age!



01/2023 - heute

Student Assistant, FZI Research Institute for Information Technology

10/2022 - heute

Master degree in industrial engineering, Karlsruhe Institution for Technology

10/2028 – 09/2022

Bachelor degree in industrial engineering, Karlsruhe Institution for Technology