Bosch Tobias Kölbel

Self-Sovereign & Trustworthy Marketplaces

Today, many companies are facing changes due to digitalization and examine opportunities arising with new digital technologies. Particular interest is focusing on cross-company collaboration, which is becoming increasingly important. Here, data-based platforms are essential for a successful transformation.

This research project deals with negative implications of centralized platforms and shows potential decentralized alternatives. Specifically, we are looking at decentralized marketplaces for matchmaking between supply and demand. Related to this are decentralized technologies such as Self-Sovereign Identity, Distributed Ledger, Blockchain, Confidential Computing or Multi-Party Computation as well as incentive mechanisms like Tokens and corresponding business models. The goal: a fair and open digital economy with cooperating market participants instead of dominant platform monopolists.

The research is being conducted in cooperation with the strategic research project Economy of Things at Bosch Research.