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Professor Dr. Christof Weinhardt, Henner Gimpel, Björn Schnizler 


School of Economics and Business Engineering, School of Informatics, School of Mechanical Engineering, Research Center for Information Technology (FZI). 


Gefördert durch: Universität Karlsruhe (TH)

Research and Teaching on Electronic Organisations and Services

Nowadays, more and more content is digital content and almost all networks are IP-based. This digital convergence creates a common fabric of digital connectivity, brings disparate industries together, and in the end transforms almost all organisations to eOrganisations. The Scientific Alliance eOrganisation at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)  is an alliance of researchers from Economics, Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Systems, Law etc.

The Scientific Alliance eOrganisation pursues the study service systems in the context of eOrganisations, i.e. organisations that are held together by digital connections. In fact, both can be considered to be more or less equivalent: A service system represents an 'electronic organisation' of service providers and consumers, while every eOrganisation, through the internal exchange of resources and services, is essentially a service system.

The alliance pools expertise in research and teaching on services and eOrganisations, i.e. organisations, where tasks, competencies, and/or responsibilities are at least partly delegated by human beings to technical units that perform their actions through electronic media.