Design Requirements for Manufacturing Marketplaces in B2B Ecosystems

  • Type:Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit
  • Date:vergeben
  • Supervisor:

    Tobias Kölbel

  • Background & Motivation

    The digital transformation entails significant changes for established value creation structures and traditional business models. In this, a company’s production network face the challenges of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Electronic marketplaces might help to dynamize the traditionally rigid systems. Here, producers can offer their spare machine capacities on marketplaces, while consumers can request certain manufacturing services (e.g. 3D printing). The marketplace handles the matchmaking between supply and demand.  


    Aim of the thesis

    Your work is dedicated to the requirements of such a manufacturing marketplace. The central question is: Which design requirements lead to the greatest possible user acceptance?

    To answer this question, you should conduct a literature analysis of existing approaches as well as a qualitative study with potential industry stakeholders. As scientific design, e.g. Delphi studies might be suitable. 



    This thesis will be written at IISM in corporation with the Bosch Economy of Things Project. This thesis is NOT an external thesis. You are free to write your thesis in German or English. Please apply with a short letter of motivation (approx. ½ page), your CV and a current overview of your grades. You can start working on the project immediately.