Energy Transition Project

  • Date: 23.07.2021
  • The energy transition is a project of the century that can only be successful if various components of the energy system are adapted and interact with each other.


    A central component of this is the smart grid. The term describes an electricity system that is optimized on the basis of data and links automated decisions with suggestions for changing behavior. Smart meters are a key component of the smart grid. These can measure household energy consumption in real time and provide valuable feedback to consumers.


    Our study project is aimed at installing Do-It-Yourself smart meters and setting up the corresponding infrastructure, to allow everyone to learn more about their energy consumption.


    The project includes the following steps for interested students:


    1. Familiarize yourself with the hardware and prepare it for use.


    2. Develop a database model into which you can feed the field data.


    3. Deploy the sensors.


    4. Develop a warning app based on existing applications, which sends a push message to the user in case of certain events (e.g. very high consumption) and test the app in the field.


    Contact: Dr. Philipp Staudt